Featured Photo: Morocco desert gallery

Moroccan desert

These photos were taken by Frazer Waller on his trip to Morocco.  He has many more, but he obligingly created a short gallery of desert dunes (and camel!) photos for me to feature while I'm away…  playing in the dunes!  They are gorgeous pics and are really adding to my anticipation of the trip.  I am hoping that you are viewing these at the same time I'm out visiting real dunes.  (It's almost like you're there with me!)  Enjoy.  :D



Morocco – Images by Frazer Waller


Here is what Frazer said about the photos:

"…just wanted to see desert dunes and the only way was to go on camels and stay the night. Recommend it!  It was my partner Martina's birthday and we planned to spend it under a full moon on top of a dune. Worked out perfectly."


To see more of Frazer's work, visit his website and Flickr page:




2 thoughts on “Featured Photo: Morocco desert gallery

    1. The real dunes were every bit as beautiful as I’d come to hope. Frazer’s pictures were not all hype — it’s GORGEOUS out there! You must go. :D

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