Featured photo: Cork heron

Cork, Ireland

While walking along the River Lee today, I had the good fortune to spy a heron who was less shy than usual.  In the background is the Holy Trinity Church (some interior shots can be found here.)  As I only had the wee camera on me, I was not up to any fancy depth of field tricks.  Did a bit of quick Irfanview-ing for fun upon returning home.  :)


Color coordinated wildlife.


What sorts of beautiful things have you seen around your town today?  :)


2 thoughts on “Featured photo: Cork heron

    1. Cork misses you, too! Was just talking to Graham, another CS-er, about you the other day. He heard you were coming back in late summer and wants to chat with you about teaching English overseas. I want to meet you, too! When’s that BBQ again? ;)

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