Buon Natale from Rome!

Rome, Italy

Dario and I are spending the winter holidays with his family in Rome.  Things are a bit crazy as he is helping with repairs to the house and we are rearranging some of the furniture, including some things we left here when we moved to Ireland.  Still, there is plenty of room for silliness. 


One lupa open sleigh.


In particular, I have fun making ill-constructed language jokes, utilizing my poor Italian skills to make bad puns and deliberate pronunciation gaffs.  Often Dario and I will be laughing away in front of the fireplace, speaking our own special version of "Itanglish" and coming up with new ways to drive each other crazy.  Sometimes the only way we can understand each other is to deliberately mispronounce something in our respective native tongues so the other can mentally assemble the pieces in a language that makes sense.

On the plane from Cork to Rome, for example, Dario was being cheeky about something or other and I told him he was fired.  He looked baffled, tilted his head like a lolcat, and said "…I'm what?"

Me: "Fired!" 

Dario: "…what are you talking about?" 

Me: "Fired!  Not working here anymore!  No longer employed as The Husband!"

Dario: "…fiiii– what?"

Me: "FEE-red!"

Dario: "Oh, 'fired'!"

Me: *facepalm*



Yes, Dario.  Revenge is sweet.


We don't yet know how our plans for the new year will shape up.  We are definitely going to Spain for a week in February, courtesy of Charming Villas, to visit their lovely properties and experience the culture of Catalonia.  Starting in March, we may be spending 3 months in China and San Francisco as part of an accelerator program for entrepreneurs as we continue to work on Dario's bike sharing project.  An additional possibility is that we will end up housesitting in various places around the world.  So much to do and see, so many places to go, so many people to meet.  2012 is going to be GREAT!


We wish you a wonderful holiday season!


May your travels take you far and wide,
making great friends and memories along the way.

Auguri e Buon Natale!


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