Beach Flashbacks

Today's post is written by Dario!  He's been promising me a guest post for some time, so when Silvia from Trippando told me about a contest she and Travel – Moments in Time were having

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Kilkenny Castle Kilkenny City Ireland Interior Long Gallery.

Questionable ethics: stealth photos!

The Free Dictionary defines ethics in the following manner: eth·ic  (thk)  n. 1. a. A set of principles of right conduct. 1. b. A theory or a system of moral values: "An ethic of service

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A little crabby in Pemba

Pemba, Tanzania After our fabulous experience snorkeling over a coral reef on Kwale Island off Unguja, we thought continuing on Pemba was a logical extension of the adventure.   Dario is lookin' mighty Italian here. 

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Serengeti: Day 2 (Part 2) – Hippos and Crocs!

3 Jan. 2009 Serengeti National Park, Tanzania Because the photo opportunities are so VAST in Tanzania, I still have not finished posting pictures from our trip.  Not to mention that we have been rather busy

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Serengeti: Day 1 (Part 3) – Everything Under the Sun

2 Jan. 2009 - Part 3 Serengeti National Park, Tanzania (Part 1 was Oldupai Gorge and Maasai village; Part 2 was Guess the Critter!) After the cheetah, everything else might seem anticlimactic, right?  NOOO!  The

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Africa Redux: Lake Manyara

1 Jan. 2009 Lake Manyara, Tanzania   Woohoo!  SAFARI!  OMG!  REAL SAFARI!  I mean, the San Diego Wild Animal Park was freakin’ fantastic while growing up, but it’s not like you could easily get EATEN!

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