no swimming allowed

Visiting hidden mineral springs outside of Rome. They’re good for the skin and have natural bubbles, too!

Keeping Cool Roman Bath Style

The term "Roman Baths" carries with it a certain historical weightiness that speaks of luxury and tradition.  (Probably hot sweatiness and murder, too, but let's stick with the luxury and tradition angle, shall we?)  Imperial

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need a little cape and boots

Photo of the Supermoon from Rome, Italy. :)


Rome, Italy Dario and I were just settling down to watch some movies after a heavy dinner of Italian-ized American food.  See, when there's a good deal on prosciutto, Mamma buys a bunch of it

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this chocolate deserves love just like everyone!

The grueling work of eating my way out of a Neapolitan food bias.

Sweet, frosted Colosseum!

Rome, Italy I generally prefer chocolate frosting, though an occasional cream cheese-based confection will really get me.  And while I have been slowly introducing Dario's family to some of my favorite American foods - stuffed

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Buon Natale from Rome!

Rome, Italy Dario and I are spending the winter holidays with his family in Rome.  Things are a bit crazy as he is helping with repairs to the house and we are rearranging some of

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