Expat life: Looking forward, looking back

Having family split over 3 countries can lead to a bit of chaos, especially when a baby's due date is part of the planning.  New jobs and the ability to finally have our belongings sent

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Anguillara Sabazia

Sneaking away for an afternoon by the lake, we discovered a beautiful town named after eels. Or not.

need a little cape and boots

Photo of the Supermoon from Rome, Italy. :)


Rome, Italy Dario and I were just settling down to watch some movies after a heavy dinner of Italian-ized American food.  See, when there's a good deal on prosciutto, Mamma buys a bunch of it

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this chocolate deserves love just like everyone!

The grueling work of eating my way out of a Neapolitan food bias.

Srsly. Had to desaturate this pic.

If you only have an afternoon to visit the lovely isle of Capri, here are the three (and a half!) things you should do!

forever ruined

The be-all, end-all, do-all, mother-of-all posts on Pizza Margherita! (Trust me.)

Scenes of Venice

Venice, Italy Like the saying, "You are what you eat" goes, we are often influenced by the people around us.  Having now spent time with Sherry Ott in three different and iconic Italian cities, I

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Murano Glassblowing in Venice

Venice, Italy On my first visit to Venice I was with a tour group for part of the time.  One of the things they organized was a glassblowing demonstration, since nearby Murano is so famous

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Herculaneum: Pompeii’s mud-covered sister city

Naples, Italy You've probably heard of Pompeii, home of ash-covered treasures and the famous plaster casts of the bodies of unfortunate victims from Vesuvio's eruption in 79 A.D.  New excavation techniques using were formulated, amazing

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Beach Flashbacks

Today's post is written by Dario!  He's been promising me a guest post for some time, so when Silvia from Trippando told me about a contest she and Travel – Moments in Time were having

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Buon Natale from Rome!

Rome, Italy Dario and I are spending the winter holidays with his family in Rome.  Things are a bit crazy as he is helping with repairs to the house and we are rearranging some of

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