Must come back in spring...

A visit to a very magical place.

Featured photo: Thistle in the Faerie Glen

The Isle of Skye, with its sweeping, dramatic views, is peppered with hidden corners of delicate beauty.  Many of these places, whether reflecting the actual beliefs of locals or just fancifcully named for tourists, carry

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When living overseas, people miss different things from home. For me it’s definitely Mexican food.

Mexican food is comfort food

  "Food, like a loving touch or a glimpse of divine power, has that ability to comfort." ~ Norman Kolpas   I think "frijoles" should be renamed "free-holies", because they taste like divinity!   The

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no swimming allowed

Visiting hidden mineral springs outside of Rome. They’re good for the skin and have natural bubbles, too!

Keeping Cool Roman Bath Style

The term "Roman Baths" carries with it a certain historical weightiness that speaks of luxury and tradition.  (Probably hot sweatiness and murder, too, but let's stick with the luxury and tradition angle, shall we?)  Imperial

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Bagan temples, Myanmar

Five destinations that occupy my daydreams about Asia travel.

On the Road Early

One of the best parts of travel is meeting warm, generous, and amazing people along the way.

Road Angel of Managua

Today's post is by Nancy of Family on Bikes.  It's exactly the kind of story that I love to share here on TourAbsurd.  One that demonstrates that people are good!     If I’ve learned

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this chocolate deserves love just like everyone!

The grueling work of eating my way out of a Neapolitan food bias.

Srsly. Had to desaturate this pic.

If you only have an afternoon to visit the lovely isle of Capri, here are the three (and a half!) things you should do!

forever ruined

The be-all, end-all, do-all, mother-of-all posts on Pizza Margherita! (Trust me.)

Scenes of Venice

Venice, Italy Like the saying, "You are what you eat" goes, we are often influenced by the people around us.  Having now spent time with Sherry Ott in three different and iconic Italian cities, I

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Face-stuffing in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain Diving headlong into local dining experiences is one of the preferred activities of many travelers.  The same is true for me and Dario.  However, we don't limit ourselves to local cuisine, as we

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