woman and dog gleefully rolling in the grass at Drombeg Stone Circle

People can turn a travel nightmare into a hilarious adventure, and a quiet cup of tea into a golden memory you cherish for the rest of your days.

Travel: the Best Thing is also the Worst Thing

In Ireland, when locals speak of travelling to the continent, it's often referred to as "going to Europe." Cork has an international airport, but flight frequency and routing vary greatly depending upon season and world

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Consumed! (or What I Did On My Summer Vacation)

  Cork, Ireland A bit of an update from TourAbsurd-land...  The Cork Cycling Festival has been taking place this week.  Since one of Dario's consuming passions is his upcoming website about community-powered bike sharing, we

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Cork: South Parish

Cork, Ireland Tourist information offices are easy to dismiss as being designed for, well, tourists.  They are also, however, a great source of information for locals who would like to learn about upcoming events as

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