It doesn't.

It’s the little things

Of all the senses, it's said that scent is the one most closely connected with memory.  Other than a lovely whisky liqueur and a few agriculturally based wafts (*cough*  cows  *cough*), I don't remember too[…]

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Capture the Calf!

Kealkill, Ireland With such an alliterative name, you just know that wacky things are bound to take place.  Seriously, try it on for size: "Kealkill. …Kealkill.  KEALKILL!" (not to be confused will Killkeel in Co.[…]

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Blarney Castle

Blarney, Ireland I finally had an excuse to visit Blarney Castle! Dario’s family was visiting from Italy, so I took the opportunity to head up the hill and gain the gift of eloquence (about time!).[…]

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