Zanzibar: House of Mercury

Unguja, Tanzania Zanzibar is blessed with amazing scenery, filled with spice and warmth, and springs from often tragic history.  It's also the birthplace of the incredibly talented lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury.  Learning a

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A little crabby in Pemba

Pemba, Tanzania After our fabulous experience snorkeling over a coral reef on Kwale Island off Unguja, we thought continuing on Pemba was a logical extension of the adventure.   Dario is lookin' mighty Italian here. 

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We just want to go to Hassi Labied!

Rissani, Morocco One of the truisms of travel is that experiences that frustrate, irritate, or scare the buhjayzus out of you when they happen turn into the best stories later.  This was one of those

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Serengeti: Day 2 (Part 2) – Hippos and Crocs!

3 Jan. 2009 Serengeti National Park, Tanzania Because the photo opportunities are so VAST in Tanzania, I still have not finished posting pictures from our trip.  Not to mention that we have been rather busy

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Serengeti: Day 1 (Part 3) – Everything Under the Sun

2 Jan. 2009 - Part 3 Serengeti National Park, Tanzania (Part 1 was Oldupai Gorge and Maasai village; Part 2 was Guess the Critter!) After the cheetah, everything else might seem anticlimactic, right?  NOOO!  The

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Africa Redux: Lake Manyara

1 Jan. 2009 Lake Manyara, Tanzania   Woohoo!  SAFARI!  OMG!  REAL SAFARI!  I mean, the San Diego Wild Animal Park was freakin’ fantastic while growing up, but it’s not like you could easily get EATEN!

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