The awesome power of Haka.

Another travel blogger linked this video on Facebook today.  It's awesome and fantastic.  Seriously.  Gets the blood moving and makes you wish you were Māori.   Can't see it?  Watch it on YouTube:  

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Adorable puppy pulls on a child’s shirt despite all attempts at seriousness.

Featured photo: Vietnamese puppy!

Nha Trang, Vietnam Today's photo comes from Lisa Lubin of  She offered all kinds of cute critter pics (some of which may still show up  :) for me to post, as cute critter pics

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A virtual day in Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco Today's post is by Amanda of MarocMama.  She's been answering many of my questions about Morocco both in the comments of TourAbsurd and by email.  I am really grateful for all her help!

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