Buzzer and the lake.

Rome, Italy


A friendly buzzing insect that stopped by to say hello.

Fortunately, she found her way back out shortly after this picture was taken. Fortunate because she was freakin’ HUGE and I’m not sure she would have safely fit in a normal drinking glass which, along with a piece of paper, is my usual way of capturing flying critters for release.

Later that afternoon, Dario, his parents, and I went to Lago di Martignano.


It is in the crater of an extinct volcano near Rome. Think I’m going to write an article about it.


A little too fried to make anything clever out of this post, I’m afraid, so you’ll just have to trust me that the article will rock.


Edit: I did, in fact write an article about it!  It's short and tranquil, reflecting the feeling at the lake.


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