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A little information on the site:

  • Travel, photos, humor, and inspiration are the theme; "Traveling with a light heart"* is the tagline.
  • The site has a Google PR3, is listed on and, and was mentioned on
  • Readers are primarily 25-44 year old females.
  • Top 10 countries where readers reside are US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Italy, Australia, India, Germany, Spain, and France.
  • My not-so-stealthy mission is to get people to laugh enough to realize that people around the world are good!  And then, after realizing there is very little to fear,  inspire them to travel.



Website and Social Media

Types of advertisements accepted are post sponsorship, pages, and promotion through social media channels.

Please use the form at the end of this page or contact me at to request a current rate card.


Blog / Press Trips:

Along with the above options, I am available for:

  • Blog and press trips worldwide, particularly those that focus on culture, history, nature, and food.
  • Hosted stays: luxury hotel, luxury camping ("glamping"), travelling (e.g., sleeper cars on trains), fine dining, and spa treatments.
  • Product reviews including: museum passes; social media, photography, and tech gadgets; and travel gear reviews.

You can reach me via the contact form below or send an email to

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