Per Federal Trade Commision guidelines, the owner of this website (me, Katrina!) hereby declares that some of the products and experiences written about on TourAbsurd.com have been sponsored either fully or in part.  Which, really, is pretty stupendous.  I love writing about travel and food already, so when someone asks (or better yet – PAYS!) me to do it, I feel like I'm doing something right!

Oh, back to the pseudo-legal-ese: Forms of sponsorship include, by are not limited to, providing merchandise, paying for a review written by the website owner (me, Katrina!) or one of the site contributors, or providing free or discounted gear, accommodation, reading material, tours, and/or meals.  Other gear, accomodations, reading material, tours, meals, and experiences have been paid for at the author's or contributors' own expense (like, most of it). Sometimes they even write the posts; these are listed as guest posts and will have a disclosure notice somewhere in the text.

The opinions of the author (that's me again – Katrina!) of and non-commercial contributors to this site remain their own, honest and unbiased (don't believe me? check out the smelly hotel review!).  Post sponsorship is disclosed at the bottom of the post in question.  Wherever possible, the sponsor's name or website link is also called out in blockquotes.

Some links (for example, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk) contain an affiliate code.  Purchashing the linked product does not cost the reader anything extra; the site owner will simply make a few cents if you do.  Huzzah!


Huzzah with fireworks, even!


Srsly, I strive for transparency here.  If you feel bamboozled or misled, please tell me so I can fix it.  I don't want anyone to feel that way.

Cheers and happy reading!



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