Bagan temples, Myanmar

Five destinations that occupy my daydreams about Asia travel.

Anguillara Sabazia

Sneaking away for an afternoon by the lake, we discovered a beautiful town named after eels. Or not.

On the Road Early

One of the best parts of travel is meeting warm, generous, and amazing people along the way.

Road Angel of Managua

Today's post is by Nancy of Family on Bikes.  It's exactly the kind of story that I love to share here on TourAbsurd.  One that demonstrates that people are good!     If I’ve learned

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need a little cape and boots

Photo of the Supermoon from Rome, Italy. :)


Rome, Italy Dario and I were just settling down to watch some movies after a heavy dinner of Italian-ized American food.  See, when there's a good deal on prosciutto, Mamma buys a bunch of it

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