this chocolate deserves love just like everyone!

The grueling work of eating my way out of a Neapolitan food bias.

Srsly. Had to desaturate this pic.

If you only have an afternoon to visit the lovely isle of Capri, here are the three (and a half!) things you should do!

forever ruined

The be-all, end-all, do-all, mother-of-all posts on Pizza Margherita! (Trust me.)

*drools on screen*

I still love you, I’m just busy creating experiences to blog about – oh, and a new website, too!

New website, guests, tours, and crazy-busy-ness.

Rome, Italy Hey, all!  Just an update on what's been happening lately.  I have 2 giant, mega posts brewing, 1 normal sized one waiting, and several that have been happily percolating in the background for

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