Video: chewing camel

Erg Chebbi, Morocco


That is to say, the camel was chewing.  I was not chewing on a camel.  (I imagine they are a bit sandy.)



OMG, camels RULE!



5 thoughts on “Video: chewing camel

    1. They are so beautiful and placid. I love the way they seem to waltz slowly when they walk. One of the most magical moments in the Sahara was when a grazing camel got curious and friendly, and decided to pass by just to check us out. He was so slow and beautiful, not threatening at all. Wish I had gotten that on video, too, but I was just awestruck and entranced!

    1. I had meant to bring some carrots with me, but got distracted by a demonic taxi driver (a story for another time!). I will simply have to go back. :D

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