Scenes of Venice

Venice, Italy Like the saying, "You are what you eat" goes, we are often influenced by the people around us.  Having now spent time with Sherry Ott in three different and iconic Italian cities, I[…]

Rantypants: working overseas

Outside of the US Dear Universe, Sometimes I need to know that the door which just closed did so because another, much better one, is opening. You have my number.  Thanks. Sincerely, Rantypants   Every[…]

Sweet, frosted Colosseum!

Rome, Italy I generally prefer chocolate frosting, though an occasional cream cheese-based confection will really get me.  And while I have been slowly introducing Dario's family to some of my favorite American foods – stuffed[…]

Meanwhile, in Spain…

Rome, Italy Dario and I decided to spend some time with the family back in Italy, both for the pleasure of being together for the holidays and to skip out on some of the cold,[…]