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Finding the Words

When you travel, finding the right words to communicate can be a struggle. It may be a matter of simple politeness, ordering the right ingredients for your pizza, knowing the difference between trousers and pants, or even how to find emergency services.

Beach Flashbacks

Today's post is written by Dario!  He's been promising me a guest post for some time, so when Silvia from Trippando told me about a contest she and Travel – Moments in Time were having[…]

Zanzibar: House of Mercury

Unguja, Tanzania Zanzibar is blessed with amazing scenery, filled with spice and warmth, and springs from often tragic history.  It's also the birthplace of the incredibly talented lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury.  Learning a[…]

Sounds of Morocco: the Adnan

Middle Atlas, Morocco One of the first things that many non-Muslims who visit Muslim countries notice are the frequent calls to prayer, known as the Adnan in Morocco (often called the adhan, as well).  On[…]

A little crabby in Pemba

Pemba, Tanzania After our fabulous experience snorkeling over a coral reef on Kwale Island off Unguja, we thought continuing on Pemba was a logical extension of the adventure.   Dario is lookin' mighty Italian here. […]

Featured photo: Luxor Temple

Luxor, Egypt Known in ancient times as Thebes, Luxor has two major temples that have survived into modern times: Karnak and Luxor. Quite the light show.  Quite the people show, too!   We visited Karnak[…]

Moroccan juxtaposition.

Tangier, Morocco Getting ready to write up a guest post for Amanda at Marocmama.com.  Going through my photos of Tangier, I came across a few pics of one of my most guffaw-inducing moments.   Rachid[…]

Morocco: City of the Dead

Rissani, Morocco Among all of the amazing experiences in Morocco that I've been savoring (and oddly reluctant to share), the final day of camel trekking ranks right at the top.  It started with waking up[…]