The Kindness of Strangers

  Today's post is from Liv of The World is Waiting, as she waxes Blanche DuBois-ish and shares with us one of my favorite things about travel.  (ps: captions by moi)   Watching the news[…]

Quick update: what’s next?

Hello from Ireland! Just a quick update to let you know what's happening next! I'll soon be heading to Tenerife to visit Linda of Islandmomma.  With the Irish winter fast approaching, I suspect I will[…]

The awesome power of Haka.

Another travel blogger linked this video on Facebook today.  It's awesome and fantastic.  Seriously.  Gets the blood moving and makes you wish you were Māori.   Can't see it?  Watch it on YouTube:  […]

Zanzibar: House of Mercury

Unguja, Tanzania Zanzibar is blessed with amazing scenery, filled with spice and warmth, and springs from often tragic history.  It's also the birthplace of the incredibly talented lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury.  Learning a[…]

Capture the Calf!

Kealkill, Ireland With such an alliterative name, you just know that wacky things are bound to take place.  Seriously, try it on for size: "Kealkill. …Kealkill.  KEALKILL!" (not to be confused will Killkeel in Co.[…]