The Trees of Mystery!

Redwood forest, California, USA We woke up in our tent among the redwoods, continued south toward San Francisco, and stopped to see a few quintessentally American attractions.  Dario's first visit to the US simply had[…]

Piadina in Pesaro.

Pesaro, Italy When we visited Dario's family in Pesaro they took us out for a dinner of piadina, a typical food from the region.  It's half-way between a burrito and a panino: a tortilla-like flatbread[…]

Rosy moment

Paris, France A simple photo of a lovely, well-posed rose in the garden behind Notre Dame.   Thank you, lovely rose.  You are more graceful than I could have hoped!  

Spider Woman (Rock!)

Canyon de Chelly, AZ, USA Today's post is by Vera Marie Badertscher (pictures by Charnell Havens) and should probably have been titled something like "Amazing Navajo Art and Tradition" or "The Natural Beauty of the[…]

Featured photo: Cork heron

Cork, Ireland While walking along the River Lee today, I had the good fortune to spy a heron who was less shy than usual.  In the background is the Holy Trinity Church (some interior shots[…]