Swiss Mountains (of chocolate!)

Zermatt, Switzerland Today's post comes, not from the sunny dunes of Morocco, but from the scenic slopes of Switzerland!  (Say that 5 times fast!  ;)  I have not yet been to Switzerland, though I have[…]

A virtual day in Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco Today's post is by Amanda of MarocMama.  She's been answering many of my questions about Morocco both in the comments of TourAbsurd and by email.  I am really grateful for all her help![…]

Featured photo: New Zealand Kea

Mount Cook, New Zealand This photo was taken by my friend, Dave, who recently visited New Zealand.  He graciously gave me permission to publish it in support of the Blog4NZ event.  Beautiful bird!    […]

Morocco Prep 2: The New ‘Do

Cork, Ireland I let my hair get longer than usual because I was using it for insulation.  Despite the weather difference, more women in Ireland have short hair than women in Italy.  I prefer short,[…]

The Best Arancini in Italy

Catania, Italy I had not really intended on going anywhere for the weekend, but Dario had other plans. After a short discussion on possible destinations, we decided on Sicily.  It was time to find the[…]