Our friend, Mena.

26 Nov. 2009 / 29 Jan. 2011 Aswan, Egypt / Cork, Ireland   Tonight I sent a text message to our friend, Mena, whom we met in Egypt.  Our trip to the land of the[…]

Top 5 in Cork — x 3!

Cork, Ireland   I was recently asked to do a guest post for GotSaga.com about the Top 5 in Cork.  I asked if they wanted County Cork or Cork city, but by the time I[…]

The Passport Initiative

10 Jan. 2011 Cork, Ireland America, great melting pot that it is, has only kept hold of a random set of cultural offerings from our immigrant founders.  (Native founders, too.  I mean, I love popcorn,[…]


8/9 Jan. 2011 (day depends on your timezone; it's the wee hours of the morning here)   The Planet D is hosting Round 7 of Travel Photography Roulette: Portraits.  I entered a picture I'd taken[…]

Whidbey Island

  Showing a friend pictures of Whidbey Island, Washington, where I lived before moving to Europe, got me feeling a little nostalgic, as Whidbey is just a gorgeous, gorgeous place.  I am really glad I[…]

Fear and Danger

  A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for. ~ Grace Murray Hopper US admiral & computer scientist (1906 – 1992)   Fear is overrated.  There, I said it! […]