Americana festival

  Now that’s funny.  I knew that we culture-starved Americans borrowed everyone else’s festivals, but I didn’t realize other folks borrowed ours.  …Well, except for Pizza Cowboy in Guidonia.

Dario shoes!

Everywhere we’ve traveled since Dario and I bought our Vibram FiveFingers shoes, people ask Dario about them (I only wear mine occasionally).  I mean, really, it’s surprising how many people stare and ask!  So I[…]

Jet Lag.

Eggs, fake bacon, toast, cranberry jam from Bandon, OR, and fruit juice.  At 3 a.m.  Next time remind me to return to Europe via China.

Road construction stop

  Construction on the road to the Giant Forest delayed our trip down for a perfect 15 minutes.  We stopped with a great view of Moro Rock and several distant mountain ranges.  Thanks, Park Service[…]

Mysterious bee creature

  Mysterious, hovering, bee-like creature.  We found several of them holding still in formations in scattered patches of sunlight.  They were striped like bees, and not wasp-ish (well, I didn’t ask them about their politics[…]

Tharp Log

  Tharp Log near Crescent Meadow, Sequoia National Park. The very large sign at the site clearly stated the name sans apostrophe or "s."  Yes, I know.  It's so unnatural!


Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, California, USA It's rather Burl-esque, wouldn't you say?   Get it, get it?   Wow, tough crowd.   How has nature been amusing you lately?  

Oh, deer!

  Mule deer (I think) along the trail.  Oh, we were SO excited!  Too bad the deer wasn’t as excited to see us.  Absolutely refused to pose.  Drat!  We should have remembered the go-to call[…]

Day o’ Napa

8 Aug. 2010 Napa, CA, USA   A quick day trip for winetasting and visiting friends!  We stayed with my friend, Charlotte, in Marin County and dragged her along when we went to visit Emily[…]

Cheese Mail from the Tillamook Cheese Factory

katrina just sent you Certified Cheese Mail from the Tillamook Cheese Factory! Click here to see a video recorded just for you or you can go directly to: Cheese Mail is the world’s most[…]

Oregon Coast.

Got some beautiful shots of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, OR, yesterday.  Didn’t have time to stop by Mt. St. Helens, but going to have breakfast at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, so that makes up[…]